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          The Police Complaint Authority for the UTs’ of Daman & Diu and Dadra & Nagar Haveli was constituted on 10th August 2011 vide Notification no. 1/95/Home/ 2011-12/418 by the Administrator of DD & DNH in consultation with the Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India. The Police Complaint Authority started its functioning w.e.f. 4th November 2011.

          The office of the Police Complaint Authority is fully computerized and in short time an interactive website will be launch, from where local peoples can file their complaints and also know the status of the same.


The authority has the following functions and powers under the Notification No. 1/95/Home/2011-12/418 Dated 10th August 2011.


1. The authority shall inquire into allegations of “Serious Misconduct” against police personnel, either suo moto or on complaints received from any of the following:

  •       a) a victim or any person on his/her behalf;
  •       b) the National or State Human Rights Commission;
  •       c) the police; or
  •       d) any other source

Explanation:“Serious Misconduct” for the purpose of this chapter shall mean any act or omission of a police officer that leads to or amounts to:

  •       a) Death in police custody;
  •       b) Grievous hurt*, as defined in Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860;
  •       c) Rape or attempt to commit rape;
  •       d) Arrest or detention without due process of law;
  •       e) Extortion;
  •       f) Land/ house grabbing; or
  •       g) Any incident involving serious abuse of authority Provided that the Authority shall inquire into complaint            of such arrest or detention, only if it is satisfied prima facie about the veracity of the complaint.

* “Grievous Hurt” as defined in Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code, 1860 includes:

  •       - Castration;
  •       - Permanent loss of sight of either eye;
  •       - Permanent loss of hearing of either ear;
  •       - Loss of any body part;
  •       - Permanent loss of the use of any body part;
  •       - Permanent damage to the head or face;
  •       - Broken bone or tooth; and
  •       - Injury which is life threatening or which keeps you in bed for twenty days and prevents you from doing         your daily tasks.

2. The authority may also inquire in to any other case referred to it by the Administrator/ Central Government.


  •       1) The Authority may require any person or authority to furnish information on such points or matter as in the opinion of the Authority may be useful for or relevant to the subject matter of enquiry.
  •       2)The Authority before finalizing its opinion, shall give the police officer, heading the police force in the UT an opportunity to present the department’s view and additional facts, if any, not already in the notice of the Authority and in such cases, the Authority may review its findings upon receipt of additional information from the police officer heading the police force in the UT that may have material bearing on the case.
  •       3)In the cases directly inquired by the Authority, it may, upon completion of the inquiry, communicate its findings to the police officer heading the police force in the UT with a direction:
    •              a) Register a First Information Report (FIR); and/ or
    •              b) Initiate departmental action based on such findings duly forwarding the evidence collected by it to the police.
  •       4)The directions of the Authority shall ordinarily be binding, unless for the reason to be recorded in writing, the UT Administration decided to disagree with the finding Authority.

Complaint can be made to the Police Complaint Authority, Silvassa supported with the evidence. The complaint should have complete Address, Phone Number and Email Address of the complainant. Anonymous, Synonymous and pseudonymous complaints shall not be entertained.

For more information you can contact on Phone No. 0260 – 2630028 or meet Secretary OR Superintendent in the office.

Complaint  can be sent:

  1. 1. Through Post or Personally at Police Complaint Authority, Secretariat, 2ND Floor, 66 KVA Road, Village- Amli, Silvassa – 396230 or;
  2. 2. Deputy Collector (Nodal Officer Police Complaint Authority), Collectorate, Diu – 362520 or;
  3. 3. Through Fax on 0260 – 2630028 or
  4. 4. Through Email at pca.dd.dnh@gmail.com or pca-dd-dnh@nic.in


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